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Boca Raton, Florida, November 17, 2009 — Media 54 LLC of Boca Raton, Florida is publishing a cookbook entitled, “Becky Allen’s Recipes—Gracious Goodies.” Who could have ever imagined that a cookbook would become a great love story? After Becky passed away in 2009, her daughter commented to many friends, family members and business associates that a cookbook including a story about her mother’s life would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to her and to celebrate Becky’s life. So that is what she has done. Imagine for a minute that you were born during the great depression, a share croppers daughter. Or imagine, that your father was a professional baseball player and that you had your first job when you were only 11 years old. And without giving more of the love story away here is some history. Becky and her husband Bill were longtime residents of Skaneateles, New York. They choose to move there in the early 1960’s as it was a beautiful, serene setting to raise a family, start a business and live their American Dream. Becky’s friends would often say about her, “that her life was far more interesting than talking about the latest books that they had read!” She was flattered to hear that. She was the most authentic person many of her close friends and people that knew her had ever known. Becky and Bill Allen had lead remarkable lives. Whether you love to cook, or simply love to read great cookbooks, Becky Allen’s Recipes - Gracious Goodies is the one for you. There are many options today in the places where we shop for food. For example, there are many low sodium, low fat, low cholesterol products that may lead to healthier bodies and minds. That is a decision you should make with your doctor or nutritionist. We did not try to make those decisions for you in this cookbook. Becky Allen collected a vast number of recipes over her lifetime. What makes this cookbook unique is that we have included her personal life story. Becky Allen’s Recipes—Gracious Goodies, is filled with 300 of Becky’s most favorite cherished recipes. Cooks of every description will love the variety of recipes found within the cookbook. They will also appreciate that pages can be added or removed from the three ring binder. In researching the type of format for the cookbook, seasoned cooks told us that being able to remove a recipe from the binder was an important feature as they could then place the recipe in a plastic bag and set it down where they were cooking. Professional cooks and culinary artists told us that the cookbook represents to them a great resource in which to find delicious recipes guaranteed to provide a memorable culinary experience. Whether you are looking for the perfect appetizer, fabulous ideas for a meal to prepare ahead of time, or making a meal to take to a friend or function we are confident you will find something new and interesting to prepare in Becky Allen’s Recipes—Gracious Goodies written by MEDIA 54 LLC and published in the U.S.A. The cookbook is available online at www.